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The Tranquil Shores Foundation believes that everyone should have access to drug and alcohol education and recovery services. The Jimmy Johnson Scholarship Fund provides resources for education, treatment, and housing for those in need in our community.

We have helped 25 people recreate their life journeys since the inception of the scholarship fund in December 2016. Due to our commitment in helping others, we have been overjoyed with an increase in requests for scholarships. Monetary donations are vital to ensure we remain on the path of helping others to recover from alcohol and/or drug abuse.

We cannot do this alone. Donations go toward providing others the start they need to get clean and sober.  Old ways can’t open new doors.

The First Jimmy Jonson Scholarship Fund Recipient

Daniel grew up in a foster home. In 2016, Daniel was homeless. His bedroom was a desolate place behind a 12-step recovery building, where he slept nightly. His kitchen and closet consisted of a backpack, which contained the few items he has to his name. Daniel felt people knew he was homeless because he carried a backpack everywhere. He could not stop drinking alcohol because he could not afford to get off the streets. He felt he needed an address and place to call home before being employable. On October 22, 2016, his life began to change. He was the first recipient of the Jimmy Jonson Scholarship Fund, through the Tranquil Shores Foundation. The Jimmy Johnson Fund provides a monetary opportunity for those addicted to alcohol and/or drugs to recreate a new life. Through giving donors, Daniel was able to move into a sober living facility.

A follow-up was done with Daniel, who is over four months sober. He reports feeling like a human being. He has a job at a Mexican restaurant, can pay his own rent, and has established a relationship with his daughter. He is working a 12 step recovery program and is happy. He has developed close friendships. Most importantly to him, a relationship with a woman whom he considers a mother figure, and a mentor of recovery to him. He helps many other people with his time, who are living the way he once lived. He has a place he calls home, at the sober living facility he still resides in. His plan is to live there for at least one year. Because of donations to the Tranquil Shores Foundation, Daniel was able to reclaim his life.